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Terms of Service

  • Response times
  • Appointments
  • Spares policy
  • Warranty
  • Training
  • Corporate identity and confidentiality
  • Control
  • Indemnity and insurance
  • Exceptions
  • Customer relations
  • Claimback

1. Response times

1) Field service
We make every effort to attend calls received before 5pm by the next working day but in any event within 2 working days, providing customer access is available.

2) Non-technical service
Non-technical service e.g. Adjustments, etc. will be charged at the standard rate.

2. Appointments

We will agree a mutually agreeable time slot to visit your home or office.  Our field engineers will call you prior to setting off to visit you.  RepairTV will make every effort to meet customer requests where this is convenient.

3. Spares policy

RepairTV have a stock holding policy for spare parts and components. Where spares have to be ordered, we shall order them on the same day as the diagnosis is made, but in any event no later than the day following. Customers will be advised of any delay due to spares order placement. An effective order progress system is maintained by RepairTV.

An effective "work in progress" system is maintained in our service centre and clients will be informed of any repair in progress with an excessive delay.

All components will be at least equal to the original manufacturer's specification or British standards institute specification, whichever is relevant.

Where a manufacturer's warranty is applicable, RepairTV do not charge for any component unless the manufacturer refuses a free issue, free exchange or claimback value.

4. Warranty

Repairs of all products are under guarantee against the recurrence of the same fault for a period of ninety days (this includes parts and labour). A similar fault in the same section of the product during this period will carry a parts charge only. Unrelated repairs will be charged for in full. Our repairs are covered under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Sales and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations Act 2002.

5. Training

RepairTV undertake to ensure that fully trained and competent staff are used in all operational areas, and skills audits are undertaken by our quality department at regular intervals.

RepairTV manages training in conjunction with manufacturers for all new products in order to develop further technical skills for the benefit of its clients.

6. Corporate identity and confidentiality

Field service engineers when attending calls will carry formal identification and will always quote the client company on whose behalf they are acting.

RepairTV undertake to use their best endeavours at all times to ensure that their staff keep strictly confidential any information given or gained on behalf of any client.

7. Control

RepairTV ensures adequate protection of products whilst repairs are being carried out.
All administration, invoices and statistics relating to any client will be controlled by our accounts department to whom any query or request for information should be directed.

8. Indemnity and insurance

RepairTV guarantee to indemnify the client and customer against any claims or costs arising out of faulty workmanship on the part of any of their employees.

9. Exceptions

The following items will not normally be covered under the RepairTV guarantee:

  • Spares no longer available
  • Liquid spillage of any kind
  • Wilful or malicious damage
  • Accidents (other than whilst in the company's possession)
  • Acts of god (lightning, flood, etc.)
  • Intermittences (where a fault has not manifested itself whilst under test and has to be re-worked at a later date)

In addition, where any of the above causes the product to be beyond economical repair, the product will be returned to the point of origin accompanied by a written report showing full details, supported by all available documentation which may have been supplied by the manufacturer or supplier.

10. Customer relations

RepairTV will ensure that any complaints from customers and clients are dealt with quickly and effectively. It is expected that all complaints will be cleared by effective communication between our customer care team and the local client management. However, our senior management team would be pleased to help you with any enquiries or difficulties arising.
Please submit any feedback or complaints by email to enquiries@essextvrepair.co.uk.

11. Claimback

Where agreed with the client, RepairTV will operate manufacturers' spares and labour claimback facilities on behalf of the client.
To make an enquiry, please call us on 01245 905 044 or email us at enquiries@essextvrepair.co.uk.

12. Telephone calls

Calls made to Consumonics may be recorded for quality assurance, training and security

13. Payment of Call Out Charges

Call out fees are due for payment when an engineer visits your premises for the actual call out.

14. Storage Charges

Once the dagnosis/estimate has been provided the client has 21 days with which to advise Consumonics on the respective action to take. Failure to notify Consumonics within this 21 day period may result in additional storage charges at £1 (One pound a day).

15. Use of Data

Consumonics shall not forward any clients' personal data to any other 3rd party, however we may use your data to contact you for Consumonics own products and services .

16. Reviews

Where Consumonics receives reviews on our service whether directly or indirectly, Consumnonics reserves to right to publish these reviews on public review websites.

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